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In this unique, PanAfrican, 54-volume children’s book series, 8 year old Ekari travels across the Africa, taking readers on an exciting journey of discovery about the diverse cultures in the continent through various elements such as food, music, attire, and interactions with other children. The story Ekari’s adventures will help inform children around the world about various African countries, daily life in those countries and their respective cultures.

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The official, revised, first volume for The Ekari Book Series, titled “Ekari Leaves Malawi” is ready! It includes the first steps of the adventure that lies ahead of Ekari. As she packs up to travel the continent with her parents, grandmother Agogo, and her baby brother Walu, readers get to learn about what Ekari loves and will miss most about her life in Malawi. Purchase your copy below, and join Ekari as she begins her journey!


Support and Partnerships

The Ekari Book Series is more than just a book series- it is a pioneering children’s brand with a meaningful message in a truly unexplored space. We would love to have your involvement, support, and partnership. If you are an individual/organization concerned with the African Child, edutainment, storytelling, learning through travel, or are simply in search of supporting this unique project, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at and start a conversation with us!

Co-author Future Ekari Books

As part of our mandate to promote upcoming African storytellers, as well as to allow diverse African voices to breathe life into Ekari’s experiences, we want to have a native of each country that Ekari visits co-author future Ekari books with us! Not only will you be a part of this incredible pioneering project, and potentially reach global audiences, we will do our best to ensure that you are compensated for your work.If you are a talented, passionate writer with a voice that resonates with young readers, we want you! Email us at with “Co-author Ekari” in your subject line.

Illustrate The Ekari Book Series

As the Ekari Book Series is geared for early readers, it is a highly visual project. If you live for telling stories through vibrant, engaging images and artwork, we would love to have you on board! Because the aesthetic concept for the book series is already established, illustrating with us means replicating the character as is, as well as adding your own  style and creativity into all the original visuals of the project you will potentially come on board for.  We hope that you will be eager to participate in this trailblazing character as she makes history in the space of African storytelling. Email us at with “Illustrate Ekari” in your subject line.


Meet The Team

Hayat Muhammed Seid

Hayat Muhammed Seid


21 year old Hayat is an Ethiopian who is currently studying History and Psychology at NYU Abu Dhabi. She is an African Leadership Academy alumna, as well as Global Changemakers fellow of 2012. Her passion for African history and for exploring different avenues to study it inspired her to co-found the Africana Studies Program at her university. She is also passionate about education and hopes to one day contribute towards creating equal access to quality education for children in need of it. In her spare time, Hayat enjoys reading. Connect with Hayat on Social Media below!

Priscilla Takondwa Semphere

Priscilla Takondwa Semphere


Priscilla hails from Malawi and is an alumna of the African Leadership Academy. She was a Watson University Spring 2014 scholar, and was Three Dot Dash Global Teen Fellow of 2014. Currently, she is a rising sophomore at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. She also writes as an independent contractor for The Huffington Post. She is passionate about storytelling and using it to celebrate culture and the multiplicity of existence. Connect with Priscilla on social media below!

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